Slave-16-01-01 the Messoh

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16 Jan 2016
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This is a slave who will make sure that everything runs well in this nursery. Please don't feel sorry for it - hard labor is good for the soul, and an idle mind is the devil's playground.

About Messoh Eggs

This egg looks pretty sticky. You should probably be careful after handling this egg until you wash your hands. The eye on the outside is all seeing, knowing right away if something hazardous is coming near the egg.

About the Messoh Creature

The Messoh doesn't really hatch. Instead the creature inside emerges once the shell of the egg becomes liquid enough to turn into another shape. Then the adolescent Messoh goes through changes and finally gets its final adult shape with arms and a way to travel. They can grow to be the height of a normal Arkian but tend to weigh very little.

The extra eyes on the Messoh help the creature to keep an eye out in all directions. Since this creature is a creature that will not fight unless absolutely necessary, the extra eyes on every side of its body help it know when danger is coming so it can leave quickly.