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7 April 2020
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Hello, and welcome to my profile!
My Cove is 100% feed friendly!
Powgal/She-Her/Cat lover/Artist/Christian/Loves Pokemon a lot as well/COAC and Dog Club Member
Dream creatures: 1. Kalown 2. Huhu 3. Zuote 4. Olimpt 5. Dynia 6. Paroxy 7. Any other cat I don't have
My More Accurate Wishlist

(=O ﻌ O=)

FUN FACT ABOUT ME: I have over 900 items in my strongroom!


This is this ant.
This is is ant.
This is how ant.
This is to ant.
This is keep ant.
This is an ant.
This is idiot ant.
This is busy ant.
This is for ant.
This is forty ant.
This is seconds ant.
Now read the third word of every sentence.
Now copy and paste this onto your profile

A lot of people freeze creatures in egg stage, so here is why you should not=
(\__/) One egg, never to hatch, frozen in time.
(='-'=)One little life destroyed in an eternal egg stage.
(")-(") Never to see the light of day, never to feel the sun on its back.
Copy paste this in your profile if you're against freezing creatures in their egg stages

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littlepaw • 1 day ago

I even saved her profile in notes so that we wouldn’t lose it! I’m gonna change her name back once I’m done tricking all my friends! UwU

littlepaw • 1 day ago


littlepaw • 1 day ago

Haha I was KIDDING! Did you really think I was gonna trade Ibui?!? I just wanted to look at offers! XD

littlepaw • 1 day ago

If nobody offers, I’m gonna cancel that lot and make Ibui NUFT with extra protection this time. I dunno what to dooooo ;A;

littlepaw • 1 day ago

They’re not worth muchhhhh ;n;
And their all part of my Florette hoarddddd T.T

littlepaw • 1 day ago


littlepaw • 1 day ago

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa I didn’t mean that you needed to have some I mean I’m trading Ibui! So I’m sad! But I’m desperate! Waaaaaaaaaa T^T

littlepaw • 1 day ago

Desperate for CC
There’s no hope for the auctions now ;w;
I have no choice :<<<

littlepaw • 1 day ago

;-; I- I- I’m- I’m desperate at this point ;A;

littlepaw • 3 days ago

Awwww that’s adorable ovo

littlepaw • 3 days ago


littlepaw • 3 days ago

Rebirthed + frozen + starred Mon Apr 10

littlepaw • 3 days ago

Name changed

littlepaw • 3 days ago

Oh good
I can change it again in 30 days

littlepaw • 3 days ago

Don’t worry, you can just send it again if so.
Haha lots of people do that in accident it’s fine ^^

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