Minotaurs the Minoete

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Minotaurs: Plural of "minotaur", a fantasy species based off the Greek mythological monster of the same name, with the head of a bull and the body of a man.

Originally named "Minoxidi", an antihypertensive vasodilator medication. This suited him far better.

About Minoete Eggs

The horn-like protuberances on Minoete eggs are highly tuned to sound waves. Sound is picked up by the horns and carried to the growing Minoete inside. Different sounds affect the rate at which the Minoete develops. Studies have revealed that playing classical music for your Minoete egg will cause it to develop faster. The same studies have shown that the sounds heard while developing have no impact on the personality of the Minoete. Other effects of sounds heard have yet to be discovered.

About the Minoete Creature

Minoete are a particularly scholarly species with many of their number dedicating themselves to the study of various sciences and arts from a young age. Some have theorized that this scholarly persuasion is some how tied to the sounds/music heard while Minoetes develop in their eggs.

Minoetes have created some of the most poignant and entertaining plays in the history of Ark.