Madaraon the Aig

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18 Jan 2016
29 Dec 2018
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About Aig Eggs

Aigs are the most healthy when they hatch next to blueberry bushes.

About the Aig Creature

Majestic and glorious creatures, Aigs roam and fly the Mid Skies.

The Mid Skies are a particular range of airspace (in between 150 - 300 meters high) that is a fly zone higher than that for the smaller bird creatures of Ark but is lower than the airspace for that of Elges, Gryps, and Kujaks. Because of this type of hierarchical structure, they are typically picked on by creatures of the higher air space and can be "grounded" by creatures of the higher air space if they get into trouble. Similarly, Aigs do this to creatures in the airspace beneath them.

The Science and Research Center in Ark City has speculated what has caused this hierarchical dominance; it is explained as the "airspace domination theory." The Science and Research Center has concluded that airspace dominance is correlated to protection and survival. In other words, the higher you are, the safer you are — therefore, keep all lower creatures "in check" to ensure your survival.