Lelen the Luminese

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24 Jan 2016
26 Mar 2018
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About Luminese Eggs

Luminese eggs have a star-shaped symbol that glows in the dark. Because these peculiar eggs fly using it's pair of wings, Luminese eggs are often mistaken as fireflies.

About the Luminese Creature

Immediately after hatching, the shining star on the surface of the egg peels off and becomes a completely separate entity. These stars seem to guide the newly hatched Luminese.

The meaning of the glowing star remains a complete mystery to Arkians, including the Science and Research Center. No data has been recorded about the importance or role of the star. However, it is clear that Lumineses and their star share a very close connection, as one never leaves the other.

Lumineses are currently the smallest known creatures classified as dragons on Ark, a title once held by the Torget. It is due to this petite, fairy-like size and association with stars that there persists rumors of Clous being related to the Luminese species, though there exists no solid scientific evidence.