LoveNote the Eroche

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29 Feb 2016
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Name: LoveNote
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Travel: Goldentree Meadows
NFT - Stolen Leap Day

About Eroche Eggs

Due to their tiny size, Eroche eggs can be easily overlooked. Many Ark apothecaries will hunt out Eroche nests, carefully record the number of eggs and watch over them until they hatch. This is because Eroche eggshells produce an amorous effect when consumed and are an important ingredient in a number of love potions.

About the Eroche Creature

The pearl that all Eroches are born with, a gift from another powerful entity, is a magical item that Eroches use to focus their magic. With it an Eroche can divine potential relationships. They use this knowledge to play matchmaker with those around them, earning them the nickname the Cupids of Ark. Despite their nickname the majority of the relationships an Eroche sets up aren't romantic but platonic in nature. All great love stories throughout Ark's history make mention of the Eroche.