Cloverly the Cloverli

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1 Mar 2016
28 Aug 2016
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Previously belonged to @nine


@artist interpretation of Cloverly:
"Verdant Lionheart"

Stolen on the 1st of March, and my 1st Eggcave anniversary.
Heh, had the name "Cloverly" before they released the Cloverli... I was one letter off from getting an awesome species name >.<
100 Feeds: 3/5/16
200 Feeds: 3/7/16
300 Feeds: 3/11/16
Immortal: 8/29/16

About Cloverli Eggs

When placed near greenery, Cloverli eggs blend in very well. In fact, it's difficult to tell them apart from grass and clovers entirely! This natural camouflage is what makes them so elusive and rare.

About the Cloverli Creature

Cloverlis embody the spirit of the clover. It is believed that the first clover leaf represents hope and that the second leaf represents faith. The third leaf on the clover stands for love and finally the fourth represents luck.

These things together make a strong spirit. And that's what Cloverlis are: proud and strong.