MuYang the Leynne

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5 Mar 2016
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苜羊 - mù yáng - Clover Sheep

About Leynne Eggs

The Leynne eggs are very soft to the touch as they are surrounded by a layer of wool to keep the egg insulated. There also seems to be a pattern of four leaf clovers on the egg, suggesting that the creature inside might be rather lucky for any citizen that can find one.

About the Leynne Creature

As the Leynne finally hatches, the newborn Leynne stays covered in its wool for protection and warmth and it seems like the four leaf clovers have disappeared. However, as the Leynne matures, the clovers return and soon the Leynne will be able to walk around. The Leynne is a lovable creature, and is actually considered to be a good luck charm to anyone that finds one. They are very obedient creatures and most Arkians use them for various reasons like guarding and finding even more four leaf clovers. Should you be lucky enough to find yourself a Leynne, you will have good luck for years to come.