Bastienne the Dragfer

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28 Mar 2016
7 Nov 2019
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Seasonal, was available sometimes in March, not sure it will return (Edit: it returns!).
This one is from auction.

And it's a DRAGON!!! ^^

Hatched on 31.12.2016.
Reached Stage 3 on 7.06.2018.
Became immortal on 7.11.2019.
Reached Stage 4 on 25.03.2021.

About Dragfer Eggs

Dragfer eggs are known as the "dragon egg of luck" probably due to the fact that Dragfer egg tails are 6-leaf clovers. These 6-leaf clovers are thought to represent fame. And Dragfers often have much fame due to their ability to collect gold and protect it.

About the Dragfer Creature

Young Dragfers are rather lethargic and apathetic. Not much piques their interest in their earlier years, except for the occasional dragon chase.

As they mature though, their greed deepens and darkens. Soon, their covetousness becomes an all-consuming reality and they are compelled to collect gold, jewels, gemstones, and sometimes silver without end. They viciously protect their possessions and view the concept of "sharing" as the epitome of evil.

Despite their insatiable rapacity, Dragfers are not known to be violent towards humans although they do steal from humans quite regularly.

The best way to befriend a Dragfer is by bringing a gold offering.