Scoop the Kappa

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9 May 2015
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About Kappa Eggs

This egg was only available in Egg Cave's Cash Shop Park for May 2015.

The water on the Kappa egg leaf looks so shiny!

About the Kappa Creature

Kappas are often colloquially referred to as "tree bears" because the texture of their fur is so similar to tree bark. They use this appearance to their advantage as it's easy for them to blend in next to a tree trunk; they can avoid other creatures looking for trouble or natural predators with ease.

Kappa leaves have an amazing effect on water. When water runs off a Kappa leaf, the water becomes sweeter and more refreshing. Kappas have been fiercely protected by the government in Ark City which has guarded their species (and their effect on water) from commercialization. But whenever a Kappa is spotted in the wild, it's not uncommon for Ark citizens to try and get some of that delicious-tasting Kappa water.