Immortalizing for 10k per creature! ♦ Selling CC at 50cc = 500kec! ♦ Entire cove UFT for ec/cc! 16 Oct 2018, 1:28 PM

28 February 2012
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tiabeanie • 24 minutes ago

Yeah, I think that will be better. Thanks for the suggestion.

elivelton_white • 55 minutes ago

Do u still evolve by clicks?

cutpie2244 • 3 hours ago

Idk if I want to trade my nykanth though I only have one

chihiro_sang • 6 hours ago

fed some

love23bug • 17 hours ago

I'd be willing to go as high as 1.75mil EC

jello • 18 hours ago

Hey, on @hiddensecrets, you have a Honk named Bork. Would you consider trading it for 50 cc?

chihiro_sang • 1 day ago

fed some

tiabeanie • 1 day ago

Never mind, had to book my very unhappy creatures to Tim's Food Shoppe. Now I have 15kec. Maybe we can just do the trade when I'm more experienced in keeping track of my ec...

tiabeanie • 1 day ago

Well I have 30kec, it's not much. And I don't have any particularly valuable creatures so... I wouldn't be so sure.

love23bug • 1 day ago

Would you accept 1.5mil EC?

cutpie2244 • 1 day ago

Ok what creature would you bee looking for then/

love23bug • 1 day ago

What are you seeking for your Noctiandy in the TC?

carter • 2 days ago


cutpie2244 • 2 days ago

how much ec or cc for the ignalt. and would you be willing to trade it for some creature

kyubee • 3 days ago

How much EC or CC would you like for your Horscas?

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