Brackle the Kektron

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21 Jul 2016
13 Nov 2017
2 Jan 2021

Essence of Litsdnats
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About Kektron Eggs

Kektron eggs are extremely hot and can melt organic compounds (like skin) as far away as 1 meter. Caution!

Oftentimes, you will find Kektron eggs nestled in crevices of the elementally hardest rocks.

About the Kektron Creature

Are the flames of the Ketron fire or electric? The Science and Research Center in Ark City, to this day, has been unable to determine the difference in Kektron flames, as they appear to be both fire and electric at the same time. The whitish color of the flame comes from the hotness of the fire, while the unpredictable movement of the flame is because of the fluctuating electrical charge.

Like their physical characteristics, Kektrons are fiery in personality and temperament. They have very short tempers and, the angrier they get, the hotter and larger their flames become.

When a Kektron is calm, however, it is possible to bring them indoors although they require "Kektron Boots" (ethical electrical inhibitors) to ensure you don't damage your flooring with burns. Just make sure that they stay calm, otherwise they will burst into flames, bringing your whole house down with them!