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21 Jul 2012
20 Oct 2023
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About Unipeg Eggs

This egg was only available in Egg Cave's Cash Shop Park for August 2012.

Unipeg eggs shimmer and sparkle in the sunlight. They're easy to spot even from miles away.

About the Unipeg Creature

Unipegs are regarded as sacred creatures. They are considered to be pure spirits and the embodiment of all good, completely untouched by evil. Newly discovered ancient paintings reveal that the original tribes of Ark would seek the wisdom of the Unipegs when faced with a significant decision. No one knows how the tribes were able to communicate with the Unipegs or understand their wisdom.

Because of their inherent purity, killing a Unipeg is considered one of the greatest evils.

Unipeg blood has a very mysterious property as well. When consumed, it grants its drinker whole health and eternal life but at a terrible cost. Drinkers lose their humanity and drive themselves mad with their new-found addiction. The effects of Unipeg blood wear off quickly, so it's an endless pursuit to kill the purest spirits. Deranged people, thirsting for limitless power, have hunted Unipeg for centuries. None of the "eternally living" are known or have been identified by the government in Ark City.