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24 Jul 2016
26 Aug 2019
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About Apex Eggs

The composition of this metallic egg is mostly that of an unknown element non-native to Ark. Attaching battery clamps to the antennae protruding at the top of the shell will charge and strengthen the machine within the casing.

About the Apex Creature

Apex are small mechanical creatures designed by Storticai engineers to assist in trickier mining operations. Their razor-sharp clawed feet allow them to easily walk on rocky surfaces regardless of angle or direction, accessing out-of-reach materials with their specialized tail-like appendage.

A modest AI installed in each Apex grant them their own individual personalities and behaviors. This is to provide isolated Storticai miners with another form of companionship while on extended expeditions. On Ark, Apex are invaluable warehouse and retail workers that can very rapidly remove and stock items on shelves with an almost nonexistent error rate.