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About Clickroach Eggs

Clickroach eggs are commonly found in Faela City, much to the chagrin of its residents. They are sometimes seen in the Cave for reasons unknown, but the prevalent theory is that they were inadvertently brought to it by explorers with infested equipment.

A blue light pulsates from within their synthetic shells.

About the Clickroach Creature

Literal computer bugs, Clickroaches are attracted to data centers, server rooms, power plants, robotics manufacturers, and other such facilities that contain large amounts of technology to siphon energy from. Although thought to have been created somewhere in Faela City, the exact origins of this artificial parasite is unclear.

When they are not busy troubleshooting issues caused by Yeeps wandering into inappropriate places, Leeps spend their time Clickroach-proofing the Egg Cave offices to prevent site lag.