Brats the Morkhir

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About Morkhir Eggs

This egg looks like it is listening intently to its surrounding, despite being unhatched. If the Morkhir egg detects danger, however, it will retract its ears in hopes of trying to blend in with its environment better.

About the Morkhir Creature

Morkhirs are known for their gift of "spiritual hearing." Not only are the Morkhir's ears very sensitive to physical sound waves but they are thought to be sensitive to "spiritual waves" that creatures give off as well.

For example, if a Morkhir "spiritually" hears that a creature may be bringing a bad spirit of unhappiness with them, they may avoid that creature altogether. This makes Morkhirs very perceptive.

Naturally, Morkhirs are very good at surviving in the wild because of their ability to avoid danger and fighting, but they also make great domesticated pets too.

Morkhirs are enemies of Yeeps, especially in the Ark City sewers.