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24 Sep 2016
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About Tentropy Eggs

A mass of writhing and squirming limbs cover the shell of Tentropy eggs. Once these appendages grab a hold of anything within their reach, they become nearly impossible to separate. The countless serrated suckers on each arm will inflict deep wounds to humans and creatures alike, leaving behind typically permanent scarring as a result.

About the Tentropy Creature

Tentropies dwell at the bottom of the ocean, twisting and contorting their bodies in such a way to hide snugly amongst the seafloor rocks. These cephalopods would live a completely isolated life if not for their intermittent treks across the seabed in hopes of finding a mate.

The deep-sea Axol species is the most common predator of Tentropies. In the rare instances where Axol carcasses wash ashore on Ark, their bodies often display scarring consistent with wounds left by a Tentropy's suckers upon removal.

Superstitious sailors claim that spotting a Tentropy while out at sea will bring gradual misfortune to the entire crew, as they are believed to be spirits representing the ocean's wrath. Voyages are said to become too chaotic to handle, eventually ending with a once-proud ship and her crew sinking beneath the waves.