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About Mucustropod Eggs

Mucustropod eggs secrete a viscous, purplish substance from glands located all over their shells as a means to prevent themselves from completely drying out.

Some high-end restaurants in Ark City are known for serving dishes that utilize this mucus as a main ingredient, much to the disgust of the general public. Gourmands are hopeful that this negative perception will fade over time, who describe Mucustropod slime as a pleasant mixture of tropical fruits with a mildly bitter aftertaste.

About the Mucustropod Creature

Ark City's sewer system is a hotspot for Mucustropod activity due to the damp, darkened environment and abundance of sewage to feed from. A colony might consist of hundreds upon thousands of Mucustropods if the conditions allow for it, which can present a problem for maintenance workers trying to navigate the tunnels.Muckles, and in very rare instances, Gloobles, will co-exist with these massive Mucustropod colonies for both a sense of protection and company.