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Name meaning: Beholder member of the Zhentarim,
from the Forgotten Realms in DnD


I belong to @pouncessoftly !
I am quite happy where I am, and am NFT.
No, seriously .. she is not going anywhere. 😸
That includes my name 😊
Travel: Fire Beneath the Pot (Falcena Stage 2)

About Dytoroko Eggs

The outer shell of the Dytoroko egg is actually molten rock from The Volcano itself. Needless to say, it is extremely hot and is dangerous to any life form that touches it.

To handle Dytoroko eggs, you must have receive a Dytoroko Egg Handler License from government at the Town Hall in Ark City. Only professional equipment can withstand the extreme heat of these eggs.

About the Dytoroko Creature

Dytorokos are very hot-headed, short-fused creatures who are, unsurprisingly, very hot temperature-wise. They are not, however, nearly as dangerous as their egg form.

Dytorokos are constantly producing their red goo-slime at a rapid rate. The Science and Research Center in Ark City has described this as an "unrestrained chemical process, gone very wrong." There are no known inhibitors that can slow down or halt the Dytoroko's goo-slime production.

So, they shed their constantly replenished body form by "exploding" goo-slime everywhere, about once every hour and a half.

Dytorokos are regarded as the most difficult of any species on Ark to maintain as a pet.