Celtic the Honk

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17 Feb 2010
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Celtic: The Celts, or their languages. Things relating to this can include the infinitely looping Celtic patterns.

Acquired in a trade.
This lucky one is (maybe temporary) my 'avatar' on Egg Cavern. Just like how Bunneh, a Lopunny from PF, is (always) on my signature!

About Honk Eggs

This egg, by far, contains the most mysterious surprise.

About the Honk Creature

Honk are a unique kind of species in that they are the only type of duck which will NOT run away from a human. Honks, naturally, enjoying making their distinct "honk" noise; after several minutes of listening to a flock of Honk honking, it can get rather annoying. However, a Honk is a friend for life and enjoys flying across the beaches of Ark. If you ever need to deliver a message to a friend on the other side of the island, a Honk may be your best bet.