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31 Oct 2016
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About Demonette Eggs

It would seem that there is a hand-like shell formation cradling the egg! Despite what you might think, it is not the hand of another creature but is rather a part of the egg's shell itself.

About the Demonette Creature

Demonettes are lava creatures that do not originate from The Volcano nor the deep sea vents in Ark's deepest surrounding oceans. Based on what the Science and Research Center has been able to gather from Demonettes' genetic makeup, it has been determined that they originate neither from Ark altogether nor from any alien or otherworldly race.

Because of this mysterious occurrence, Demonettes are mistrusted because they are so unknown. They are thought to be an evil omen, representing and bringing with them anger. For these reasons, most citizens avoid contact with Demonettes.

Demonettes are extremely rare and, when seen, they are only found around Halloween time.