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About Boarage Eggs

Protruding from the rear-end of every Boarage egg is a curled tail that will elicit a muffled squeal if tugged. The well-being of an egg can largely be determined by the strength of its tail, as a healthy one is oftentimes more difficult to unravel.

About the Boarage Creature

The Boarage is a species of pig that, not unlike its Tuswine cousin, has an insatiable appetite. Preferring a diet of particularly fresh fruit and vegetables, it is commonly found patrolling the outskirts of bountiful farmland.

Farmers regard Boarage as severe pests, estimating that they cause roughly two-hundred million Egg Coins' worth of crop damage every year on the island. It is because of this negative agricultural impact that a Boarage hunting season has been implemented by Ark's government to curb the rising population.