Bianna the Seralphae

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6 Dec 2016
14 Jun 2018
23 Jun 2017
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One of the beloved creatures of Yoghurt

Adopted from @yoghurt. Please return if ever quitting!

Bianna arrived today 28th March 2019 to the eggberts home. She will have gender change (soon). Lovely Bianna is happy to be in her forever home.

About Seralphae Eggs

Seralphae eggs are exceptionally fragile and require the utmost of care when being handled. Susceptible to poor health if kept at any temperature below 30°C, garments are commonly used to impede heat loss.

As if to provide a token of gratitude, Seralphae eggs oftentimes alter their caretaker's neurochemistry to instill positive feelings whenever they are nearby. The process by which this occurs is yet to be understood by the Science and Research Center, though the general public simply views it as "holiday cheer".

About the Seralphae Creature

Heavenly creatures renowned for their breathtaking beauty and divine righteousness, Seralphae grace Ark with their presence all throughout the winter season. They are comparable to another angelic species, the Engel, in that they also seemingly disappear once holiday festivities have concluded for the year.

Young Seralphae are generally withdrawn and pensive individuals that spend long stretches of time silently observing their surroundings. Only when a meaningful level of trust has been established between a Seralphae and an Arkian will it fully reveal itself from beneath its warm, bulky jacket.

Upon reaching maturity, Seralphae abandon their reserved personality in exchange for a much more outgoing one. With a deep passion for singing, they are known to form impromptu choirs with fellow Seralphae for no other reason than to bring joy to those who listen. Soutenue are very fond of these songs and prefer to use them above all else in their ballet recitals.

The gorgeous vocal talents of Seralphae are prominently featured on many of Ark's holiday-themed song albums.