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Thank you thank you thank you to @mysteries_in_my_profile for gifting me a Kyootie!!

About Kyootie Eggs

The smell, texture, and even taste of Kyootie eggshells are practically indistinguishable from those chalky heart-shaped Valentine candies. These eggs have yet to be found with romantic phrases written on them, however.

About the Kyootie Creature

Kyooties are small, endearing creatures that strive to help blossom forth Arkian relationships. They self-assign themselves to the lonely or lovesick, but, rather than relying purely on magic, Kyooties will act as a compassionate mentor. The success or failure of a relationship is ultimately determined by the mentee.

Arkian schoolchildren are sometimes teased by their peers about being influenced by Kyooties if they are ever seen playing amongst the opposite sex.