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Because when I was showing you through the archives, I'm pretty sure this guy absolutely won your heart Take good care of him cause I have his mate!

About Valequine Eggs

Valequine eggs are naturally embellished with a glittery powder that smells strongly of lavender, jasmine, roses, rotten eggs, and spoiled meat. Fragrance companies that have attempted to introduce products inspired by the scent of these eggs, ironically or otherwise, are no longer operational.

About the Valequine Creature

The grasslands of Ark become largely inhabited by roaming Valequines throughout the month of February. When congregated into tightly-packed herds, the repulsive fragrance given off by these creatures is capable of being detected nearly two kilometers away. They employ this stench as a means to both ward off predators and attract potential mates.

Smell aside, Valequines are loving creatures that rarely seek out conflict. A person may be likened to that of a Valequine if they display an unpleasant public persona to conceal genuine kindheartedness.