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28 Feb 2017
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Given to me by monsterprincess33 11.14.2019

About Rix Eggs

Rix eggs are very soft, almost like a plush toy. They have small feathers that grow out of the outer rim. These feathers can be plucked without doing any harm to the developing creature inside. Great for tickling!

However, if these eggs are squeezed too tightly, they will break despite their seeming malleability.

About the Rix Creature

Rix (plural Ri) are extremely friendly creatures that roam the lower skies of Ark. Their eyes are ultra-bright blue, which gives them the ability to see through some (but not all) objects. This means that a Rix can know what's coming around the corner before it's in view.

Rix are, however, also known for their terribly shrill cry. Their cry is not bad when you're far away, but it is painful when you're in close proximity.

If you are ever visited by a Rix while sitting next to your significant other, your love is considered to be blessed by the Universe.