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26 Mar 2017
25 Dec 2020
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About Onnekas Eggs

The patches of green on the Onnekas egg's fur are actually a rare form of moss that only grows in a very small part of Ark's jungles.

This moss, to regular houseplants, is considered an invasive pest. Be careful not to allow it to root in your houseplant's pots!

About the Onnekas Creature

Onnekases, as babies, start out as adorable balls of fluff that entirely conceal the growing infant at their core. Because of such an excessive amount of fluff, their field of vision is extremely limited. That means that baby Onnekases frequently run into objects and fall of ledges. This makes them quite helpless; they require a caring and watchful eye to develop to maturity without harm.

Mature Onnekases love skipping and hopping around the meadows and grasslands outside of Ark City. They are known for harvesting four-leaf clovers that they find and enjoy returning them to their owners for good luck.