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3 Apr 2017
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Luke is my brothes 3 years old monkey (macaco-prego, I don't know the name in english) , he is really calm and cute.

P.S. My brother has authorization to own wild creatures 'cause he is a biologist that works with wild animals (and my veterinarian brother too), you should not own a wild animal 'cause their home is on the wild, the ones he owns could not be returned to wild.

He was rescued, his mother was killed by hunters and they tried to sell him.When they found him he was hungry, scared and had a lot of injuries.

My brother (who is a biologist) took him, and tried to return him to the nature, but because of the abuse he couldn't, so he couldn't resist it and adopted him.

Now he lives with me (my garden is bigger than my house and has a lots of trees) and really gets along with his rescued brothers and sisters (even trought they are not monkeys like him), especially Eclipse,a male horse that is entire black (I guess he thinks Eclipse is a tree)

This creature belongs to @sandara

About Prankey Eggs

Look at that hat! The Prankey eggs all have a protective hat on top of them with a bell that jingles when something gets too close. Or maybe it just likes to ring all the time to annoy people. Either way, this egg is pretty noisy.

About the Prankey Creature

The Prankey are a mischievous creature who loves to play pranks on its owner. With its cute jester hat and scepter, the Prankey is able to amuse the citizens of Ark at comedy parties that are sometimes held by their owners. Sometimes they are seen hanging around with their good friend the Jester.

Be careful because these two love to think of some devious pranks. They are still just as noisy as they were in their egg stage with the bells jingling even more as they run around doing their pranks. But however much you treat the Prankey like royalty, the Prankey will always have a trick up its hat for you. Better watch out because the Prankey will keep you on your toes!