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28 December 2015
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Hello everybody!

Before someone asks, my name is really Sandara, I am not Sandara Park and yes I like Kpop. And, I don't have ANY social network, the only way to contact me is here.
My birthday is on july 3rd, If someone want to give gifts I will give you gifts on your birthday too.

Member of CCS (I am a dog lover too, how can I decide which side to take?)

Almost all of the creatures here are NUFT, but you can ask me, I will not bite you (Just try to consult the value first, and I will get annoyed if you insist in the same thing when I say no).

Feel free to feed all my creatures. Please leave a comment so that I can feed your creatures back, if you want your creatures to be feed but don't have time to feed mine, then tell me and I will try to feed your cove. (eveything in my wishlist are my dreams creatures, it doesn't meaning that I don't want others creatures)
My ultimate dream is Eurog, if anyone has one UFT contact me.

I help people colect commons, will just transfer it, there are 3 conditions:
1. If they ever became a endangered you have to give me at least two of them (even if I already have one or more);
2. If you don't want them anymore contact me before you sell them;
3. If you don't want anymore commons contact me, so I will stop sending.
I made up these rules after I helped some people collect commons.

Thanks to:
@anthesia (I really loved the Hinonia)
@evilyowling (Before you quit you gave away almost all your creatures)
@rabidwolfie (for sending random gifts)
@jb092 (for the travels)
@giggletheclownlovesya_xoxoxo and @Spell (for the giveaways contest)
@calenlass and @monsterprincess33 (for auctioning creatures for much lower than it's worth)
@asi (for giving me a bunch of CC and for giving your creatures away when you quit)
@sprite (for the giveaways at the end of the year and for giving me a Flaren, really loved it)
@achimenes (thanks for the Zinhir, will take good care of it)
@noctus (for giving all the creatures away)
@wererage (will take care of the Clickroach)
@monsterprincess33 (you are really kind)
@panthersclaw (hope you return some day)
@immortalraven (will take good care of them)

There are 2 motives that I may block you (I still have nobody blocked)
1) You don't have manners (like being rude,or being a spoiled kid that doesn't know the word NO)
2)If you blocked me. Sorry if I was rude or anything like that, but if you blocked me it is not fair if I don't block you in return (if that happen and for some reason you unblock me, contact my side @thecave or @theisland , and I will unblock you too)
P.S.: For the first motive you be blocked by both this account (my main) and my sides. If it's the second, you will be blocked by the accounts that you blocked

Cove worth:
2019 ~ 65kCC

*If you see this text "This creature belongs to @sandara " in a creature that is not in this cove, please, contact me

Also i'm really sorry, but english is not my first language, please understand.

(I may not be online when it shows that I am, so, please, I am not ignoring you)

Remind me:

Creatures (498)


surgeon • 4 days ago

Fed both lists for you hope you had a great day

surgeon • 5 days ago

Fed all for ya ~ and thank you!! I get them mostly from my school textbooks haha theyre fun to come up with !
I love the travels you use on your cove by the way, all so pretty

surgeon • 6 days ago

Thanks thats actually all super helpful, especially the New User guide!
Also fed all for ya ~ hope youre having a great day

surgeon • 1 week ago

Yeah its great, let me know if you have any tips for a new player

surgeon • 1 week ago

Aww thanks for the welcome It has been so fun since I started, everyone has been so wonderful -- Fed all for ya ~

surgeon • 1 week ago

Hey there! Fed both lists for ya --

zantago • 1 week ago

Ahh fair enough pftaha it'd be pretty difficult to find a story a as good as solo levelling :"D

zantago • 1 week ago

Oooh I see I see :0 I'll definitely check it out then aha if you can compare it to solo levelling then it must be pretty good :"D

zantago • 1 week ago

Oooh that sounds pretty good :00 I might check it out when I run out of things to read :’D and okay fair enough pftaha gnight!

zantago • 1 week ago

Oh? Whats the book about? :0 though I probably won't read it anytime soon,, if I ever do I'll let you know aha :"D and I haven't heard of that one before @-@ What a long title pftaha but ofc its gotta be an isekai :") Is it any good? :0

zantago • 1 week ago

Ooh thats gorgeous A zombie with green eyes and a bullet hole through its head? If I saw that at a bookstore I'd definitely check it out even if it was just to see the blurb cos thats seriously eye catching pftaha :"D its so cool aa and yeye aha isekai is great >

zantago • 1 week ago

Ooh now thats interesting :0 no title only an image? wild pftaha
and yeah I agree pftaha its all very repetitive and cliche but it never gets old :"D gotta love isekai aha

zantago • 1 week ago

and oooh that does sound pretty interesting >:0 I'm a sucker for unique designs like that :"D Its always cool to see books with a twist in their design aha

zantago • 1 week ago

Oof yeah an MC that doesn't develop is boring;; I also don't really like indecisive MCs or stories where the terrible characters take too long to receive their retribution :"D I need the satisfaction aha ^^; But ooh yes anti-hero MCs are also really refreshing every now and then

zantago • 1 week ago

Pftaha thats brilliant :"DD I'm not called a isekai fanatic but I'm like a little encyclopedia for my friends,, if you've heard of it I've probably read it and can tell you if it's worth a read lmao

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