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22 October 2016
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cleokitty • 8 hours ago

I hope youre doing well!

cho • 15 hours ago

thank you again I really hope you come back one day.

brookie • 1 day ago

Just offered. Thanks again!

lexicon • 1 day ago

Thank you once again for everything. Best of luck in real life, hope you stay safe

pouncessoftly • 2 days ago

Ahh, I’ll miss visiting your page and seeing all the pretty pets. I wish I could afford to bid on your auctions, but rl hasn’t been friendly this month, lol. I wish you all the best in life, and will treasure the gifts I received.

iia • 2 days ago

Lots of well wishes to you irl
You should leave your account up! Maybe pop back in in 100 or so years XD

iia • 2 days ago

Thanks! I’m hoping to get the Kirin if you couldn’t already tell XP I just don’t want to come on tomorrow and find out someone “sniped” it
So sad to see you go. Are you going to delete your account or leave it up and empty?

iia • 2 days ago

Ok thanks

iia • 2 days ago

Is the bidding going to end at 12:00 ect?

nightslayer300 • 3 days ago

Ah, it is always a sad occasion when a user leaves. I have heard that you are very generous and kind and wish you the best!

nightslayer300 • 3 days ago

are you quitting?

sartre • 5 days ago

Thank you so much

murmurw • 5 days ago

Haha, that's true

ryu28000 • 1 week ago

Hi..Don't worry. I will take good care of your little critter. It's awesome.

flamingtrashcan • 1 week ago

thank you!

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