Woodhammer the Aliamble

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1 May 2017
27 Dec 2018
18 Jan 2020
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About Aliamble Eggs

Aliamble eggs only appear in truly wild places, places that no one has stepped foot in in years. Plant growth and life will flourish around Aliamble eggs creating lush and magical groves. Brambles will grow up to encircle these groves making uninvited entry difficult.

About the Aliamble Creature

Aliambles have a close link with Ark's fairies, and its been speculated they may even be a type of fairy. In many tales Aliambles are the mounts of the most powerful of faerie-kind. Even so Aliambles always remain wild and untamed, only being serving as mounts because they choose it. The groves that were created by and sheltered an Aliamble egg become that Aliamble's home once it's hatched. Aliambles have absolute control over all plant life and near complete control over all animal life in their groves. Entering such an Aliamble's grove uninvited is a sure fire way to either become enthralled by the Aliamble or violently expelled from its grove.