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About Tokaroz Eggs

Tokaroz plant themselves in the darker areas of the Cave. They let off a surprisingly minimal amount of spores to spread their kind but their spores are highly effective at taking root and growing.

About the Tokaroz Creature

Tokaroz, when originally grown, have very small eyes and cannot see around very much. As they mature, however, their eyes grow and they become more perceptive of their surroundings in the Cave. While they do not have any mobility as a creature and are firmly rooted in the ground, they do have the ability to produce a toxin on-demand when they sense danger. This causes many species that lurk in the Cave to not eat these mushrooms.

Tokaroz, while immobile, do care for their fellow mushroom-like creatures that are nearest to them. This remarkable and very generous way of caring for each other is one way that Tokaroz are able to develop such strong colonies.

Tokaroz are the most common in the wild, although in a few rare cases, they have inhabited the walls of Ark City buildings (thus needing to be removed by an exterminator).