Ursids the Ursaroid

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12 Jun 2017
27 Jun 2018
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Ursids is the plurl of ursus, the genus of the american black bear!

About Ursaroid Eggs

A pulsing, vibrant rainbow glow counteracts Ursaroid eggs' otherwise pitch-black appearance. In a manner reminiscent to an optical prism, they are capable of dispersing light into a spectrum of colors.

About the Ursaroid Creature

Ursaroids are tiny creatures that possess the remarkable ability to control how an object reflects or absorbs wavelengths of light, effectively changing its color scheme. This phenonmenon has been thoroughly documented at the Science and Research Center, where, in one instance, an Ursaroid presented with an apple was able to transform its deep red coloration into a neon pink.

The oddly-colored apple reportedly did not have an unusual taste once it was deemed safe to eat.