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13 Jun 2017
26 Sep 2021
30 Nov 2020
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About Quiv Eggs

Quiv eggs are laid underneath rocks and sand deep in the ocean to mask their vibrant colors from predators. Their spines are very sticky and can actually attach to the spines on adult Quiv, allowing for easy relocation when its mother decides to migrate to a new location.

About the Quiv Creature

Adult Quiv are exceptionally good hunters. In order to blend with their environment, then will often bury their body underneath sand in shallow water. Their spines are incredibly sensitive, and they can feel even very small fish that are swimming near their hiding spot. They generally hunt smaller fish, but are very capable of holding their own against creatures even larger than them. They are incredibly agile and their sharp teeth allow for very dangerous bites.

Despite this, they are relatively reserved and don't often pick fights unless their young are in danger. However, it is not recommended to approach a Quiv, as they may feel intimidated by the size of the humans advancing on them and they may strike in self-defense.