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About Rotehar Eggs

Rotehar eggs start out completely black, except for the pink stone. The grey markings and sparkles will appear as the egg matures. Once the stone begins to glow the Rotehar egg will hatch within a day.

About the Rotehar Creature

Rotehars are nocturnal creatures who live off of moon and starlight. Not only do Rotehars eat starlight they can create mild illusions with it as well but only with starlight, they can not create any illusions with moonlight. Thus when the moon is full a Rotehar's illusions are at their weakest and some can not cast illusions at all. These illusions are almost entirely color based and seem to provide no advantage to avoiding or fending off predators, Rotehars use their illusions solely for entertainment. On the nights of the new moon Rotehars will gather together and put on fantastic displays of shifting colors that are usually accompanied by song or story.