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6 January 2012
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Heyy yo my name is Ally and I started out as @7731826, but this is my new main.

I put all of the creatures I'm currently trying to evolve into the Feed List tab mostly for my own organization, but feel free to feed any creatures in my cove. I’ll try to feed back if I can

Names For Trade

@7731826: Commons storage @goose: honestly I don’t even know anymore. I forgot the password so it’ll forever be a small, strange Honk account
@773_side: Storage (all are UFT)

Wish List ~

Amma ~ 1st stage
Bellato ~ 1st stage
Carnivorse ~ 1st stage
Diment ~ Last stage
Dongelic ~ 1st stage
Faymanita ~ Last stage
Florn ~ 1st stage
Foo ~ last stage
Fourbon ~ Last stage
Gadfly ~ 1st stage
Gryp ~ 2nd stage
Ignis ~ Any stage
Nym ~ Any stage *
Pu ~ Last stage
Revii ~ Last stage
Sepulcros ~ 1st stage
Slysal ~ 2nd stage ******
Strawbearry ~ Last stage
Tine ~ 1st stage
Waurolrus ~ 1st stage
Yuki ~ Last stage *

Dead Creatures for Trade


I really love It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and Curb your Enthusiam, and I have a ps4 too! I’m just getting by at the moment, but I’m hoping things will get better once I finally finish school. I’m studying zoology, and I’d love to work with reptiles professionally

I’ve also got two snakes, a blood python and a boa constrictor I’m studying vertebrates in general, but I especially love reptiles. I could rant about how cool they are literally for days

Creatures (110)


euphoric • 14 hours ago
Here you go (: Can I have the name back though?

stevepat2002 • 23 hours ago

I’d take that, or I cd just sell it for cc . I’d guess you like the option of Tervita+50cc for mine though

lonewolf • 1 day ago

Hi, do you still have a Fetti for trade?

decay • 1 day ago

I could do that (:
Cloverli for Rousel

Let me know about the other ones!
Also, it’s all good I completely understand i’ve been lagging pretty badly on trades and I wish you luck with your classes (:

xoxoxo • 1 day ago

crap I didn't mean volpe I mean tawny sorry

xoxoxo • 1 day ago

Trade #943381 it for sale so that why I wanted to swap it. but okay.

How much or what you want for Koalyptus

stevepat2002 • 1 day ago

It's fine! I'd accept that

pwuffy • 1 day ago

fed your feed list

krusdot • 1 day ago

Ok! I’ll see if I can get someone that wants the sob to pay to remove it, or I can just get rid of it... and I’d trade that. You can just message @stevepat2002 about it.

xoxoxo • 1 day ago

Hey did you get my comment about swapping Volpe?

krusdot • 1 day ago

Hi! I have a younger stage tervita, from the same date, just with a SoB. Could you add something to compensate for the SoB or something? (@stevepat2002)

decay • 2 days ago

Hello (: I haven't gotten a reply about my offer Just wondering if you're interested! Thank you so much! Have a nice day!

xoxoxo • 3 days ago

Hey would you mind trading you tawny for mine stage 4 I love your stage!

heartoffrost • 5 days ago

Hey love your kektron how much is he uft for?

galaxyleopard • 5 days ago

Hi! What are you looking for your Rotehar? It’s so beautiful!

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