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7 Oct 2019
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About Odraz Eggs

An Odraz egg is a highly reflective shell that is mirroring back the color spectrum to you. Thus you see it as a rainbow, although at first sight you might think the egg contains multicolored pigments. It's a common misconception!

About the Odraz Creature

Odraz skin cells don't contain any pigments. It isn't pigments that generate its rainbow-like appearance. Rather, this rainbow appearance comes from the fact that hatched Odrazes, like their egg form, are mirroring back the color spectrum to you at a high frequency. In fact, Odrazes are mirroring back more colors than the eye can see. Odrazes' colorfulness, thus, is limited by our ability to only see a finite range of the color spectrum. But they are still quite breathtaking in any case, right?

Odrazes change the configuration of their mirroring effect quite frequently, often depending on their mood. A more red-orange appearance indicates that they might be angry, whereas a blueish appearance indicates sadness.

Because Odrazes change their mirroring regularly, a lot of Arkians find it difficult to keep track of which Odraz is actually "theirs" because the next time you see yours, it might look totally different. It's best to use tags around their neck so you can identify your Odraz in a couple of hours! You don't want to lose yours!