-Satan- the Durkmun

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About Durkmun Eggs

This egg exposes the skeleton of the growing creature inside! It's slightly terrifying!

About the Durkmun Creature

The Durkmun's skeleton, although it looks exposed, is still supported by a lightweight, internal muscular system. These muscles, like any other creature, are responsible for the creature's movement.

There has, however, been much scientific debate about whether or not the Durkmun bird is technically alive or is actually undead. The Durkmun does not exhibit one of the biological characteristics of life: metabolism. Essentially, Durkmuns do not require a type of food or need to consume anything to produce energy. Their cells do not have mitochondria. To this day, the scientific question remains: what is the life source of Durkmuns? Are they a species of Ark or of another unseen world?