Drokien the Drollo

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20 Jul 2017
1 Feb 2020
9 May 2020
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About Drollo Eggs

A loud, startling booming sound will sometimes come from within Drollo eggs to ward off predators and egg thieves alike. It can be heard from miles away.

About the Drollo Creature

The Drollo is a very elegant chicken-like species that has captured the interest of both young and old. Living between the grasslands and the Northern Plains near Leila, there is an unusually high demand for their capture and domestication. This demand stems from old legends that tell of a certain majestic prairie fowl with the capability of bringing endangered creatures (species now residing at the mystical Leila Oasis) into its vicinity. It is rumored that this remarkable occurrence happens on account of their unique booming call, which they use during the breeding season.

In an ironic turn of events, the popularity of the species has led to its own declining numbers in the wild because of their fabled restorative power. Until the recent enactment of strict federal laws prohibiting it, citizens driven by greed would entrap Drollos for their own personal benefit.

An extensive Drollo study is undergoing at the Science and Research Center in hopes of gaining knowledge that could help endangered creatures become naturally repopulated sans genetic engineering.