Chapter1_BC the Spidet

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Chapter 1
A normal school day

Cassie Hedge, now in seventh grade glared out the window of her classroom for Math. She hated rain and consequently the only rainy day of the month fell on her birthday. She bit her lip as she heard her math teacher, Mr. Wagner go on and on about multiplying and dividing Integers.

Cassie hated this subject more then anything else, it wasn't because she was bad at Math it was just because she just didn't like it, and she saw no point to it at all. "Mrs. Hedge," Mr. Wagner began "could you please tell me the answer to number 4, on page 64?" "1,684,902." she called out at once without even looking at the sheet of paper on her desk. Mr. Wagner seemed surprised by this answer, and Cassie couldn't help it but smile smugly. The kids around her started whispering to each other and after regaining his confidence Mr. Wagner stood up straight "that is correct Mrs. Hedge." he said trying to hide his surprise.

Cassie knew that her classmates didn't entirely believe that she came up with that answer on the top of her mind, and they were right she hadn't she had studied long and hard before on that same exact worksheet and she memorized all of the answers that were on the worksheet, it may seem a little extra or extreme to most people, but she liked her time to think and she liked amazing her teachers, this was her life everyday and she was completely fine with it.


When the bell wrung that day Cassie quick as lightning gathered up all of her school supplies, and closed her science book, and then paced out the front door. Where the school buses were all lined up in the parking lot. The sky was still gray and there was a slight drizzle but she knew it was a good day. She breathed in a sigh of relief she was at the gateway to her freedom, but to get to her kingdom of freedom she had to travel on a yellow, sticky, old, bus. "sometimes you have to make sacrifices to get to your country." she muttered to herself while climbing regretfully of the stairs of number 2602.

Inside the bus people were almost screaming, laughing obnoxiously. She held her breath careful not to inhale the stench. When she was dismayed to find there was no more empty seats she quickly found a 6th grader alone on the bus, "could I sit here?" she asked kindly, although she knew that she wasn't giving him a choice, she found if you gave people a choice then they are more likely to respect you, and go with what you wanted in the first place.

She was the last stop at Peter Hill, where she lived on a farm. She loved her farm, and her dogs, but most of all she hated that she was the last stop on the bus but she also loved her farm for this reason too. She normally did her homework on number 2602, and that was she spent more time with her dogs whom she felt that she had the most connection with.


When it was her turn to walk down the steps, She began walking slowly up the muddy hill. When all of a sudden she heard the sounds of barking up ahead, Walking more briskly now she walked toward the barks. "Hi girls!" she yelled as Lucy a Golden Retriever, and Tiger a Jack Russel Terrier, came bounding over to where she stood.

About Spidet Eggs

Spidet eggs are very toxic and should not be touched. When touched, human skin reacts negatively and breaks out in large, painful sores.

About the Spidet Creature

Spidets can be found roaming the floors of the northern jungles of Ark. They are friendly creatures that enjoy socializing with other species, but their venom is very toxic and causes temporary paralysis for several days.

When threatened, a Spidet will aerosolize their venom, very similar to a skunk, and spray it in all directions. The aerosolized venom is much more toxic than any other form of Spidet venom because it causes sores on the inside of the lungs.

If you do happen to befriend a Spidet, they are very loyal and faithful hunter-gatherers that love to explore new places and collect items along their way. You never know what valuable item your Spidet may bring back with them.