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Empress Nebula: A dumb name I came up with to be silly. A nebula is a very large cloud of dust and gas that exists in outer space.

About Luminette Eggs

Like their Luminese cousins, these eggs glow in the dark. They also have the ability to fly around but not quite as far as the Luminese.

About the Luminette Creature

Luminettes share an estimated 97.8% of their DNA with Luminese according to studies conducted by the Science and Research Center in Ark City. They, like their cousins, are also classified as a small-size dragon species although they are slightly larger than the Luminese. Their wings are bigger, too, which gives them an advantage when traveling over longer distances.

Due to this very minuscule difference in their travel abilities, Luminettes are not known to interact with their Luminese cousins regularly. They keep to themselves, stay very separate from other species, and form their own pacts.