Nadeja the Carnivorse

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About Carnivorse Eggs

Although the colors of the egg are perfect for camouflage, the glowing markings on the eggshell emanates a powerful odor which attracts predators like Revii, so female Carnivorses will lay their eggs in a big nest and guard them together until they hatch.

About the Carnivorse Creature

The Carnivorse is the biggest and most intelligent predator in the bioluminescent jungles of Ark. As its natural coat color fades in dark, the glowing markings will mesmerize and confuse prey for easier capture. Arkians are warned to leave jungle areas prior to sunset because that is the time when these creatures come out for hunting. Their various screams used for communication are thought to be perhaps some of the scariest, most unsettling noises produced by any species, frightening all within hearing range.

Females and males live and hunt separately; while females take care of their babies, males train their fighting skills for when they will meet again during the next breeding season. After a young male reaches his teenage years, the mother will banish him to the males' group.

Carnivorses are strong-willed, tenacious and sometimes balky, but they can be tamed despite their personality. They are not easy to handle, though, but all you need is a lot of patience and respect if you want to be accepted. And once you earn their trust, you will be rewarded with their loyalty and a strong bond between you and them.