_Enigma_ the Asteran

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18 Nov 2017
15 Jan 2018
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Enigma was my brother's Lycalopex vetulus , unfortunately he passed away when he was aroud 11-12 years old (that's the only thing I don't like in animals like him, they have short-lived life).

P.S. My brother has authorization to own wild creatures 'cause he is a biologist that works with wild animals (and my veterinarian brother too), you should not own a wild animal 'cause their home is on the wild, the ones he own could not be returned to wild.

When he was found (when he had only some months, like 2-3) he had been shot by someone (it wasn't too bad, but he was in pain), his species is very much hunted.

He was almost blind in one eye probably because a fight (he had a big cut in his eye), that and a limp leg left him unable to return to wild, so my brother took him in. He was playful, but really sweet,he followed my brother all over the place, we tried to get a girlfriend for him, but he always rejected they. Normally foxes are't calm as he was, but my brother said that he lost his mother really young and was fed by local humans, so that's why.

In fact,the last stage of this creature almost made me cry, because I remembered when we found him with his eyes closed in the morning in the garden, we thought at first that he was asleep, but then we discovered that he had indeed become a little star. I never thought that when I said goodnight to him this would be a farewell, but I am really grateful for the memories we had together.

Rest in peace my friend (____________ 2004 - 18 december 2015)

(Rest in peace Jonghyun, you did a good job _18 december is really a sad day I will always remember)

This creature belongs to @sandara

About Asteran Eggs

The Asteran will only hatch when the sunflower is fully grown so many owners keep the eggs in a safe part of their garden where a lot of sunlight can reach it. Even when the flower is not fully grown, the petals will open during the day and close during the night for protection which can confuse owners who do not know this.

About the Asteran Creature

A young Asteran loves to run. It will run around fields of flowers for hours and during this time the Asteran will help pollinate the sunflowers in the field. The sunflower on the Asteran's back helps provide some nutrients but not enough for the creature to survive so a daily meal is required to keep an Asteran healthy.

The Asteran will take a floret from the sunflower head and place it next to its owner. This is a sign that the Asteran loves the owner and the floret should be cherished greatly since the Asteran will only remove one in its lifetime.