-Floxy- the Asteran

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(Read the Asteran's Creature Description before springing into my story

In a lush flower field, an energetic young AsSteran sprang up, paws outstretched, reaching for a flying insect. The fly retreated quickly away as Floxy landed gracefully on all four paws. Hearing something, she glanced back at the farm house her elderly owner resided in to see the screen door swish to a close. Her owner, Earl, stepped onto the porch and looked around, calling her name. "Floxy?". She sprinted over to Earl, pollinating the plants and flowers of early Spring as she brushed passed them. When she reached him, she weaved in and out of his legs, as if she were a cat, and he laughed heartily. Earl shuffled over the bending timbers of the verandah and slowly lowered himself into a creaky rocking chair. He gently pushed the side table next to him and started rocking back and forth. Floxy jumped up onto Earls lap and thought to herself 'This is it, I'm ready'. She plucked a floret from her rear sunflower and placed it gingerly on Earl's thigh. He looked down and gasped. He delicately pinched it between two fingers and lifted it to eye level. His eyes widened as he fully realised the privilege he had been awarded. Floxy watched on curiously. Earl took one last look at the floret and then dropped it onto the table. He seized Floxy up from the ground where she had jumped down earlier, and gave her the most biggest, happiest, sincerest hug ever. As Floxy was starting to get lowered down again, Earl whispered in her ear 'I won't let you down'. Floxy smiled inwardly as she saw Earl's watery eyes sparkle in the dying sun *:・゚✧

- This was written in 2017

About Asteran Eggs

The Asteran will only hatch when the sunflower is fully grown so many owners keep the eggs in a safe part of their garden where a lot of sunlight can reach it. Even when the flower is not fully grown, the petals will open during the day and close during the night for protection which can confuse owners who do not know this.

About the Asteran Creature

A young Asteran loves to run. It will run around fields of flowers for hours and during this time the Asteran will help pollinate the sunflowers in the field. The sunflower on the Asteran's back helps provide some nutrients but not enough for the creature to survive so a daily meal is required to keep an Asteran healthy.

The Asteran will take a floret from the sunflower head and place it next to its owner. This is a sign that the Asteran loves the owner and the floret should be cherished greatly since the Asteran will only remove one in its lifetime.