Tinte the Tinoud

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1 Dec 2017
9 Mar 2018
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Monthly CSP creature 12.2017.
Her name means "ink" in Latvian.

Hatched on 9.03.2018.

About Tinoud Eggs

Tinoud eggs look like a rock covered in algae and are all green until December when they gain their red line and twinkly bulbs. The red line is actually four of their tentacles that develop while unhatched. They sprout very tough, yellow, sparkly bulbs that help them catch the attention of collectors.

Tinoud eggs are mushy, making them easy prey, so if you see one, make sure to scoop it up and protect it!

About the Tinoud Creature

Tinouds love being the center of attention. They are the disco ball at all Christmas parties and they love to flash their bulb-like suction cups and shiny fins. They are always happy brightening up your winter with gold, green, and red reflections.

Their bodies are extremely moldable and mushy, making them able to fit anywhere, perfect for when you only want a certain space to be glittery. They are good for entertaining kids; Tinouds are always moving in unique patterns and perform intricate movements. They are never sad and always smile, making all who they come into contact with happy. They can also change their colors to spell words and illuminate shapes on their bodies.