Crackyl the Celehiro

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17 Dec 2017
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10 May 2019
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Essence of Litsdnats
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Shocking isn't she?

Frozen 1/6/18


Stayin' still, eyes closed
Let the world just pass me by
Pain pills, nice clothes
If I fall I think I'll fly
Touch me, Midas
Make me part of your design
None to guide us
I feel fear for the very last time
Lay still, restless
Losing sleep while I lose my mind
All thrill, no stress
All my muses left behind
World is, below
So high up, I'm near divine
Lean in, let go
I feel fear for the very last time

About Celehiro Eggs

Celehiro eggs glow faintly at night. The glow is inversely proportional to the strength of the moonlight. The phase of the moon that appears on the egg is the same phase as the moon when the egg was laid.

About the Celehiro Creature

Celehiros bear the mark of the moon on their foreheads. This mark matches the phase the moon was in when the Celehiro hatched. A Celehiro whose mark matches the one that was on their egg tend to end up as leaders in their colonies.

During the dark of the moon many colonies of Celehiros flock together, flying intricate patterns in the air. Anthropologists at the SAR Center believe that is part of an ancient Celehiro ritual to bring back the light of the moon.