Delphos the Tervita

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31 Dec 2017
25 Dec 2018
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I am Delphos. The god of love. But no one deserves it. Love is dead. You think you are worthy of love?! Look what you mortals did to me! I gave you a reason to live! ANd yOu kiLleD mE!!!!

About Tervita Eggs

Tervita eggs hover no more than 2 inches off the ground. Thankfully, they do not lift off any higher than this, so you do not have to worry about losing them.

About the Tervita Creature

What all Arkians hope to receive from their Tervita is the coveted "Tervita wink." According to legend, if a Tervita winks at you directly in the eye, it means that you are about to meet a true love!

A Tervita cannot be giving you just any wink, to be clear. The wink must be directed at your body, with the Tervita looking directly into your eyes which animals almost never do with their owners.

Some, but not all, Arkians keep what are called "Tervita Journals," so that they can remember when their Tervita winked at them and log what happened. According to popular Ark City tabloids, the average person meets a potential true love in about 3.4 days after receiving a Tervita wink. If more than 5 days pass, the wink is thought to have "expired."