Timanttiset the Froplet

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15 Jan 2018
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About Froplet Eggs

What's this? It appears to be a water droplet inside a covering of ice. Perhaps it's best not to touch this egg as it is waiting to hatch. These eggs can only be found on the edge of the Coldworld where part of the egg lies in snow and the otherside in warm air. The SARC has a hard time determining if the creature inside was supposed to be fully made of ice or water.

About the Froplet Creature

The Froplet is a creature both of unfrozen and frozen water. Wherever this creature travels or rolls, little ice crystals are left behind it. However the Froplet is always happy because they are the perfect temperature! Neither too hot or too cold...just right. The smaller droplet on top of a Froplet's head determines how old the creature is. The older they get, the more it freezes into a beautiful star crystal. At the age of maturity, Froplets can be found frolicking both in lakes and snow banks. Froplets are masters of ice creations. Perhaps, if you are nice enough to one, they will make something for you.