NorthLight the Bearealis

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16 Jan 2018
15 Sep 2019
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About Bearealis Eggs

Adorning the top and bottom of an otherwise smooth eggshell are patches of thick, dense purple fur.

About the Bearealis Creature

The Bearealis is the smallest of its polar cousins, the Berr and Bomnom, in both height and weight.

An opportunistic predator because of the frigid landscape where they reside, it is not particularly uncommon for a starving Bearealis to infiltrate sleeping herds of Waurolrus in a last-ditch effort to eat. The rich, fatty body of a fully-grown male Waurolrus is able to provide nearly twelve days worth of energy, but the associated risk of injury is often too great for most Bearealis to pursue. Instead, they focus most of their energy towards hunting the much less combative Adiped species.