Hayves the Yverosa

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6 Feb 2018
15 Jun 2019
21 Apr 2021
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@haven - immortal cove NFT
@mars - hopefully holds my zekkas
@ ? - secret storage account for eggs for trade in the future but is clearly labelled as mine on profile (devs pls don't be sus)

About Yverosa Eggs

Yverosa eggs have a subtle floral scent that grows stronger as the egg nears hatching.

About the Yverosa Creature

Yverosas are a tiny species of dragon that have been specifically bred to be decorative. As a species Yverosas are mild mannered and friendly, they enjoy the attention that their beauty brings. Most gardens in Ark have at least a couple Yverosas living amongst the flowers and herbs to bring a splash of living color to scene. In addition to their beauty Yverosas have some practical worth, they pollinate flowers as well as eat the insects and parasites that would otherwise harm plants making any garden they call home healthier. Due to their breeding Yverosas have no natural defenses, making them prey to any creature larger than them. If you wish to keep Yverosas in your garden you need to build them various shelters and hiding places to keep them safe from predators or you might find your garden empty before long.